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Invisalign is a great alternate to traditional metal braces. INVISALIGN uses clear aligners to move the teeth to right position. These clear aligners are virtually invisible and fits over the upper and lower teeth snugly.

The best part of Invisalign is the way the aligners are made such that the right amount of force is placed in the right place to move the teeth in all three dimensions, horizontal, vertical and rotations.

Our doctors at Lake Lanier Smile will create a custom treatment plan and use these clear aligners to shift your teeth into place.


  1. FREE CONSULTATION: Lake Lanier Smiles offer free consultation for Invisalign. This appointment is great for getting to know our office, our doctor, your needs and to know if Invisalign is right treatment for you.
  2. TREATMENT PLAN JUST FOR YOU:  Our dentist's at Lake Lanier Smiles make custom aligners for you, which are virtually invisible and most people won't even notice them.
  3. PROGRESS OF THE TREATMENT: Our Buford dentist's will check your progress every 4-6 weeks. The doctor will let you know when to wear a new aligners at the check up.
  4. RETAINER FOR YOUR NEW SMILE: Once TREATMENT is complete to your satisfaction, our dentist at Lake Lanier Smiles will make retainers to retain the position of the teeth and your new smile.

What are the most common treatable cases?

Gaps, overbite, crowding, underbite, openbite and crossbite can be treated by Invisalign.





"I'm usually pressed for time in the mornings, and I appreciate how Invisalign doesn't slow me down. I just pop out the aligners, brush my teeth and pop 'em back in."

Amy—Irvine, CA

"I love how I can pretty much eat whatever I want and not have to worry about whether it's going to damage anything during my treatment."


"Soccer is my life, which means there's a lot of contact. Wearing braces would definitely make me a little hesitant to go all out"

Teri—Boston, MA

Fort Worth, TX