White Fillings


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White Fillings

What are white filings?

There are many materials that can be used successfully to restore (fill) cavities in teeth. The two major types of fillings that we use are silver filling and white fillings. Silver fillings have been used successfully for decades, and while these types of restorations are safe, sturdy and reliable, white fillings (composite fillings) have multiple advantages over silver fillings, which is why they are our filling material of choice

White Fillings vs. Silver Fillings

Some of the reasons that we prefer white filings for most teeth are:

  • Preservation of tooth structure: white fillings require less drilling than silver fillings because white fillings are bonded in to the tooth.
  • Esthetics: white filings (composites) have many different color varieties, so we are able to fill a tooth with a color that very closely matches the color of your tooth
  • Longevity: white fillings are very strong, and do not put pressure on teeth as some silver fillings can do

Advances in white filling technology

The technology behind composite fillings is always improving. Today’s composites are very polishable and more wear resistant than composites of the past, making your smile look even better. And there are similar materials that release Fluoride, which has applications in patients who need to balance esthetics and a high cavities rate. As every clinical situation is different, ultimately we will decide with you which treatment modality works best given your dental needs.

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