A sudden, unexpected dental emergency can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime and often requires immediate attention. We at Lake Lanier Smiles reserve sometime in everyday schedule to take care of your dental emergencies. Most of the time we can treat you the same day. Also we welcome Walk-In Emergency patients in our office. Seeing the dentist as soon as possible can increase the chances of saving the tooth or preventing serious infections.




1.    TOOTHACHE: Can be caused by number of things like untreated tooth decay, infected nerve, inflamed gums, sports injury, broken tooth chewing on food. We advise first brush and floss to remove all the food particles. Then rinse with warm salt water. If you have swelling, then use cold compression to the affected area. See your Emergency dentist at Lake Lanier Smiles as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your teeth or worsening of toothache.


2.    SWOLLEN JAW: Swelling is most commonly caused by an abscess. An abscess is an infection in the mouth caused by decay or fractured tooth. When the infection spreads to the surrounding area of the tooth, then It causes the swelling. Rinsing with warm salt water eases pain. This condition needs immediate attention and most probably needs antibiotics. Contact us at 770-831-0559 to be seen ASAP.



3.    LOST CROWN: Crown can be detached or feel loose due to decay, trauma or cement failure. If the crown falls off then try to place it on the tooth with a dental cement you can get Over-The-Counter or tooth paste or denture adhesive like Fixodent/Polygrip. If the tooth is sensitive or painful, then use a cotton swab to apply clove oil on the tooth. If the crown feels loose, then try to take it out by gently moving it side to side or do flossing. It is better be out then swallowing. Never use Crazy glue or Super glue. If it is possible and if the crown feels tight enough, please leave the crown on the tooth so that teeth doesn’t move or shift. Check us out for re-cementing the crown for less cost.


4.    LOST FILLING: A filling can be lost due to fracture in the filling or decay in the tooth. A temporary solution is to use the OTC dental filling material or use a chewed sugar free gum when it becomes soft. See your affordable dentist or Lake Lanier Smiles for affordable fillings.


5.    BROKEN TOOTH: A tooth can break due to previous fracture or decay or a large old filling. If the tooth feels sharp to the cheek or tongue, then use an OTC temporary cement or a chewing gum.


6.    KNOCKED OUT TOOTH: A tooth can be completely knocked out of the mouth due to blunt trauma to the face due to vehicle accidents, sport injuries or a fight. When the tooth falls out on the floor, then gently rinse with water without scrubbing. Hold the crown of the tooth and try to place in the socket back without using force and try to hold it in place with gauze or finger pressure. If you cannot place it in the socket then carry the toot in a container with milk. The tooth has the highest chance of survival if you can see a dentist in 30-60 minutes of trauma.




1. Avoid both cold and hot foods as the teeth might be sensitive.
2. Brush and Floss as sometimes pain can be from trapped food in between the teeth.
3. Taking OTC pain meds might be sufficient to ease the pain. Make sure you read the dosage info and side effects.
4. Use of OTC gels like Orajel for the toothache and gum pain.
5. NEVER use an ASPIRIN on the gums or cheek to relieve tooth ache. In fact it causes chemical burn.
6. You can use Cotton socked in clove oil for some relief.
7. Sensitive teeth to hot and cold can be treated with Desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne.
8. Using an Icepack on the face might ease some pain.
9. Mildly swollen gums can be eased by Warm Salt water rinses or mouthwash, but remember to floss after every meal.
10. Use dental cement you get in your local pharmacy to fill the broken tooth and cover those sharp edges.



1.    MOUTHGUARDS: Use Mouth guards when playing contact sports. Also wear helmets while playing certain sports like Baseball and Football.


2.    USING TEETH AS TOOLS: Don’t use your teeth to open bottle caps, cutting threads or tearing bags. Instead use scissors to protect the teeth from trauma.


3.    HABITS: Bad habits like chewing Ice or popcorn kernels or hard candy can cause teeth to fracture. Never chew Ice or bite into a hard candy.



You can use these first aid kits readily available in pharmacies for temporary toothache relief, temporarily cover the lost fillings, and temporarily seat the crowns.


1. Always wash and dry your hands before you touch the temporary material.

2. Never let children handle the material

3. Never use it on a tooth where you are experiencing throbbing pain.

4. Do not place this material on a raw or open wound.

5. Never use on a tooth with swelling associated in that area.

6. Always remember that this is a temporary fix and see the dentist as soon as possible.


Most of the Emergency dentistry patients put off going to the dentist due to cost. At Lake Lanier Smiles we provide Affordable Dental Emergency Care, so just don't worry and wait no further....Just call us at 770-831-0559.

Dental Emergencies can escalate quickly so even if you are experiencing mild to moderate pain, please call Lake Lanier Smiles, your to-go Urgent Dental Care and we will be glad to help you.

LAKE LANIER SMILES provides Affordable dental care with outstanding customer service to patients in Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Cumming, Flowery Branch and surrounding areas.

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