Can you relax in a Dental Chair?

Well, you are not alone.  A lot of patients are phobic about visiting the dentist for treatment. Thanks to Sedation Dentistry, we can take away your anxiety. 

At Lake Lanier Smiles, we can use sedation for procedures ranging from teeth cleaning to crowns or extractions.

We use safe, effective medications to help patients relax during dental treatments. Sedation can be minimal to moderate depending on the patient's anxiety level and dental needs.

Lake Lanier Smiles is a Buford area dental office that offers Inhalation Sedation and Oral Conscious Sedation at our convenient and safe dental practice. 

Along with sedation, patients do receive local anesthesia at the site of procedure. If anxiety prevents you from going to the dentist, then sedation is the most appropriate way to take care of the fear.

Major reasons our patients choose sedation are

  1. Real fear or Anxiety
  2. Low pain tolerance
  3. Long appointments
  4. Severe Gag reflex
  5. Sensitive teeth
  6. Hard time sitting still
  7. Hard time to get numbed and stay numb

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

It is very safe and we take a detailed medical history of the patient.  If needed, your dentist will consult with your physician for more information to obtain the proper clearance prior to your sedation appointment.  The dentist and staff will monitor your vital signs continuously throughout the duration of the sedation appointment to maximize your comfort and safety.

Following things are considered before sedation

  1. Medical conditions
  2. Medications
  3. Age of the patient
  4. Weight of the patient


Lake Lanier Smiles provides affordable sedation in Buford and Gwinnett County so it is accessible to everyone. We provide Payment Plans with 100% financing and Interest free financing with Care credit.

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Q. Will I remember what happened in the dental chair?

     A. At the end of your dental appointment, you may have little or no memory of what you had at the dentist.

Q. What all dental procedure can I get under oral sedation?

     A. At our Buford dental office you can get any treatment under sedation including routine cleaning to implant procedures.

Q. How safe is sedation?

    A. Our dentists at Buford dental practice will evaluate your health and use the medications accordingly. So it is extremely safe procedure.

Q. How much fee is my dental insurance cover for oral sedation?

    A. We will work with you and your dental insurance company to find out the sedation benefits.

Q. Can I afford oral sedation if I don’t have dental insurance?

    A. Absolutely, Lake Lanier Smiles has made oral sedation very affordable.

Q. Will I feel the needle?

   A. You will not feel the needle as you are very relaxed during the oral sedation procedure.

Q. Will I be feeling Pain?

   A. Most patients do not feel pain as with along with the sedation our dentists give local anesthesia.

Q. Will I be conscious?

   A. You will be in a very relaxed state. You will be awake but you won’t feel anxiety or remember things

Q. Will I be monitored regularly?

    A. You will be monitored not continuously throughout your dental procedure.

Q. Can I come alone to sedation appointment?

    A. You will need someone to drive you to our office and back home.

Q. How long can I relax?

    A. You will be relaxed through out the procedure and it can be from one hour to six hours depending on the procedure and treatment quantity.

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