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Christy Evans

a week ago

We absolutely love this dental office! I had a friend tell me about them and tried them out and my teeth look better than they ever have! Affordable and best staff ever LOVE the friendly people here! I actually had been putting of some dental work afraid of how my teeth would look after having them redone and they look way better than before I ever messed them up!! I would recommend using them over any dental group I've ever used!!


Isaiah Ram

4 weeks ago

I did the 6 month smiles program and received excellent results. The braces were worn for a little more than 6 months (about 8) but nonetheless the process was quick. I am satisfied with my teeth and smile and would definitely recommend using these guys.


Nick Fetzer

a month ago

I needed a crown for one of my front teeth and found Lake Lanier Smiles through a google search. From my first phone call to my last visit some of the staff from Mercedes at the front desk to Dr. Edwards and Shannon who are the two that worked on my toxic landfill I refer to as my mouth were exceptionally awesome. Shannon took great care of my grille piece as this was a front tooth that I wanted to be as perfect as possible. For my first appointment I had been given a temporary crown by Shannon that was comfortable and much better looking than my home dentistry 101 job I did myself so my smile became a little more comfortable by just having in my temporary. I made Dr. Edwards and Shannon aware that I am in the process of eliminating cigarette smoking from my lifestyle and that I was really concerned about the shading of my actual crown. They set up another appointment for a little over a week later to give me some time to try and whiten my teeth as much as I could before we decided on the shading of my crown. When I returned to confirm the shading they spent good time making sure the right shade was selected. When my crown came in, the shading was perfect and if fit perfectly into my mouth. I had a busted tooth for about four years so seeing this was amazing. I have a perfect fit and perfect shading. I couldn't be happier at this point. Dr. Edwards and Shannon took great care of my mouth and me while I was in the office... I feel like I got rockstar treatment. I got put in a comfortable chair, had some dark sun glasses on and I was in front of a TV while I had people working on my mouth. This is my dentist office now. A much better difference from the Yankees up north who used to do my work. The pricing for this office was more than reasonable and when compared to other offices in the area I had no choice but to schedule an appointment... Money well spent.

Jeremy Carney

2 weeks ago

Great service and affordable. I was very nervous before, but I felt no pain during my extraction. Friendly staff.

Valerie Vandecar

5 months ago

I love this dentist so much! I have always been scared and did not want to go to the dentist until I found this place! They make me feel comfortable and I know I am getting the best work done and feel comfortable here! This place is also affordable and they help get the best deal you can! I would highly recommend this place to anyone and will continue to let everyone know how great Lake Lanier Smiles is!

Kelly Mixon

4 months ago

I initially went here because I had a crown from years ago that came off. It ended up having to be redone. I had a temporary crown for a couple of weeks done by Shay and it fit better than the original crown. I just went in for the permanent crown and it feels great! Much better than the original (who was done by someone else) ever felt. The office staff is wonderful! They are always friendly and helpful. Dr. Washington has a very good "chairside manner", so to speak. I would highly recommend this office. They do their best to get you in and work with you regarding scheduling and payments.


Barbara Paine

3 months ago

I just recently moved to the area and hadn't even started thinking about finding a dentist when I had a crown break off that required immediate attention. I did a Google search and since Lake Lanier Smiles popped up as being close by and had great reviews I decided to give them a call. I'm so glad I did! Mercedes got me right in and from the moment I arrived I knew I was in good hands. The office staff was warm, friendly, and cheerful and made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I barely had time to fill out the paperwork before I was being called back. Once a course of action was determined, I needed to medicate (due to a heart issue) before I could have any work done. Fortunately, they were able to get me back in that same afternoon for the procedure. I was so thankful this wasn't going to have to be put off due to my medication needs.Everything went really well and the dentist and his assistants were just wonderful. They made me feel relaxed and very confident in their abilities to manage the situation. I was never in any discomfort and when it was all said and done, I was given very detailed instructions on managing my post-care. I felt very confident that they were just a phone call away should I have questions or concerns. Since I don't have dental insurance I was expecting the worst when it came to paying for this unexpected emergency. I was very pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost was and appreciated that I received a detailed proposed treatment plan and cost estimate before they moved forward with any of the work. All my questions were answered and I felt very reassured that I could manage my recovery without worry. I should also mention that the office was immaculate and there were TVs in every treatment room that patients could watch and that really helped me to relax and take my mind off things.I felt like I hit the dentist lottery jackpot in choosing Lake Lanier Smiles. Finding new dental care is one more "To Do" item I can now cross off my list! It's certainly nice to have a happy ending to my story :)

Robin Riccio

2 weeks ago

Had a great experience getting a cleaning. Their staff was very accommodating in making me feel comfortable. Highly recommend this dentist office!

Maria Nieves

3 months ago

I do not like going to the dentist at all. But the staff at Lake Lanier Smiles made me feel comfortable and at ease. They clean my teeth quickly and explained to me my treatment options. They took me in at my appointment time which to me was a huge plus. I travel over an hour to go to them because of thier friendly service.

gemma cerdan

2 months ago

Two days after my mother came from Spain, her molar was hurting really bad. We called Lake Lanier Smiles, and although their schedule was full they were nice to allow her to come in since she was in so much pain. I am really thankful that a dentist was able to see her, especially since this was the week before Memorial Day weekend. Once there we find out that she needed a root canal -- a very expensive procedure, but glad to pay any amount of money for my mother to be pain free. After two hours of trying unsucesfuly to find the third root canal, they gave us another appointment for the following week. Finally, my mother was pain free!!! However, the job was not complete yet or that's what they said. When she went to following week they tried for another two hours but still were not able to finish the job. At this point the doctor talked to me and apologized because he could not find that third root canal and because the job was not done completely. For this reason, he said that he was going to refund all the money we had paid so far.We are are so thankful for the everybody in that office. From Mercedes, the front desk lady that helped us with the appointment to a calling and checking on how my mother was doing. From the assistant translating everything from english to Spanish so my mother could understand the process, to the Doctors that were so caring, understanding, helpful and sincere with us. Not to mention the integrity of not willing to charge her anything because in his eyes: "the work was not finished". Thanks to all you at Lake Lanier Smiles. My whole family will definitely come to your office from now on.

Vanda Cason

a month ago

I was looking for a dentist office in my area & found Lake Lanier Smiles. They have great customer service! The staff is awesome! They made me feel very comfortable as well as assisted me with referrals & coupons for my service. I love Lake Lanier Smiles!

Jessica Leiva

3 months ago

very pleased with their service and most important the staff was very nice and always making sure I was feeling ok I definitely recommend this office the best one out all the ones I have been too!!!!!


Kristen Arno

4 months ago

I have always hated going to the dentist until I started going to Lake Lanier Smiles. The staff is always friendly. They listen to and address any and all concerns I have. The cost is very reasonable. While having a dental procedure done, such as a root canal, is never fun at least Dr. Washington and the rest of the staff make it as pleasant of an experience as possible. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a dentist.


Kimberly Pisco

5 months ago

My first visit here was yesterday. It didn't take a long time to get an appointment. I called that morning and was in at 3pm. My top wisdom tooth had to be pulled. The staff was very nice and pleasant from the office staff to the dentist. As far as tooth pulling goes, it wasn't that painful. There is of course some discomfort mostly. Very professional but not afraid to talk to you as a person either. I loved that the staff here are both professional when it's called for but also can be funny. The dentist talked me through the process while doing it and apologized when he had to pull. He was very kind and as gentle as possible. The assistant was thorough with the after care treatment. Before leaving, the staff made sure I had everything I needed and let me know that if any problem should accur through the night to call without hesitation no matter the time. Today, I received a phone call from the office. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to answer for being a bit busy. They called just to see how I was doing today! Wow! Honestly, my mouth is alittle sore which is to be expected with the procedure I had done. But I am telling you, it is nothing compared to other experiences I have had done elsewhere. The price for it all was not at all what i expected. It was alot cheaper! I would and have recommended this place! I will definitely be back with my family! Thank you guys for everything!!! :)


Audrey Cofer

4 months ago

I'm 5months pregnant and had been experiencing excruciating wisdom tooth pain for the last three days. I was terrified to call a dentist because in the past, they have tried to charge exuberant amounts of money even with insurance. By day 3, I was desperate and couldn't eat, sleep,or close my mouth. I called the number for Lake Lanier Smiles just hoping to leave a message because it was barely 6am. I was crying uncontrollably when to my surprise, a woman answered. Not only did Mercedes answer but she was compassionate and extremely helpful. She walked me through what I needed to do. Once I obtained clearance from my doctor, I called back only praying to get an appointment sometime that day. Again, to my surprise, she told me come on over now. The facility was very nice, all of the staff was extremely helpful, and I waited less than 10mins. The staff in the back was just as helpful and compassionate and took amazing care of me. Dr. Washington was phenomenal. He was kind, caring, gentle, and very soothing. I was in and out, tooth extracted, and the bill was just as pleasant to see. This experience was refreshing and I'm not going to be going to any other dentist from now on. To say I recommend them would be an understatement.


Dina Kipcakli

3 months ago-

Shay is good at what she does. She always accomadates me when working with me in my procedures during my braces adjustments. Dr.Gudipati listens to me and my needs. Love this dental office!


Lynnette hutchinson

5 months ago

Hi, my name is Lynnette. I live in Lawrenceville Georgia and I've been going to Lake Lanier Smiles for about 2 years now. I didn't have any dental insurance and I really didn't need any. The prices are so reasonable. I don't need a dental plan. The atmosphere is wonderful. Dr.Washington is a great dentist. Kudos to Lake Lanier Smiles, see you next week.


Agustin Reynaud

a month ago

When I went to Lake Lanier Smiles, first of all the front counter personal were friendly, so were the dental physicians. It was a fast and educational experience. I learned a lot about my teeth.


Kara Hicks

4 months ago

The prices are very affordable. I did not have insurace and the friendly staff were able to give me prices for my tooth extraction that were way lower than any of the other places that I looked into! I definitely recommend this place to everyone! Will definitely be going back here for all of my dental needs!


Xavier Johnson

6 months ago

I loved and enjoyed my time at the lake Lanier smiles dental office the staff was amazing they were very professional and prices were very good and cheap compared to other offices I would highly recommend this office and I give a thumbs up :)


Alberto Reynaud

a month ago

Lake Lanier smiles offers great service. It's staff is very kind and friendly. I recommend coming here.


Chelsea White

5 months ago

The staff here is incredible. Mercedes is extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Melvin has a presence that made me feel comfortable from the first moment I met him & in this line of work, that's necessary for me. His nurses match his enthusiasm, they are great. I enjoy coming to this office and look forward to my future visits. Thank you!


Kristle Rudd

10 months ago

It was my 17 year olds first time in office. She needed a root canal. She loved the dentist and staff. She said they explained EVERYTHING in full detail and did not leave her to wonder about her visit. Made sure she was numb enough and feeling no pain. She actually loved the visit and looks forward to finishing her dental needs with them. The prices were very good and the office is great. Can't say enough about how good it feels to know your child is being taken care of. Thanks Lake Lanier Smiles. :) You have just gotten five customers for life.


Robin W.

2 months ago

Best dentist office I've ever been to !! I was very nervous, but everyone is very friendly and welcoming !! They make you feel very comfortable, which makes the visit so much easier !! They were very helpful in deciding the best route. And the dentist is very sweet !! The hygienist and receptionist are very funny !! I will come back for future work !!


Dawna Stephens

9 months ago

Our experience is I am so glad that I listen to my gut feelings, Philip and I were looking to replace our teeth and dentures and we had an appointment with another and I was making sure that this is the one and stumbled across Lake Lanier Smiles and Philip has had all of his dental work done and now he is a new person He talks and smiles and smiles and talks. This is wonderful and I would recommend Lake Lanier Smiles to anyone and everyone. Leslie Mercedes and the staff are awesome and not to mention Dr Washington he the best of the best. Thank you for giving Philip his life back.


brook benton

3 months ago-

I had the best dental experience of my life...... The staff was awesome and very accommodating especially the receptionist!!!!!!


Geoffrey Watson

a month ago-

Would highly recommend Lake Lanier Smiles! Staff was very friendly, very accommodating.


Kyle Maughon

a year ago

Simply put, Lake Lanier Smiles is wonderful! The friendly staff made me feel welcome the moment I walked in the door. Amy, my hygienist, had a very pleasant attitude, and her work was thorough yet gentle. Dr. Washington was friendly and really took the time to ensure I knew exactly what was going on. It is very apparent that the staff at Lake Lanier Smiles truly cares about their patients' well-being.


Julie Lyon

a year ago

I highly reccommend this office to anyone seeking a dentist. I needed a quick appointment for a tooth ache I had been having and Lake Lanier Smiles had no problem fitting me in to their schedule. The front office staff was very friendly and welcoming. After my exam Dr. Washington took the time to explain the potential causes of my tooth ache. Anyone in need of a dentist should visit Lake Lanier Smiles!


Darren Miles

a year ago

Every time I come here the employees are always friendly, sociable, and professional. Even though a dentists office can be a little intimidating, I always seem to have good experience, and would recommend others to join.


Monique O'Rourke

a year ago-

I highly recommend Lake Lanier Smiles! Dr. Washington and his staff truly took care of all of my dental needs. The hygienist, Amy, was very gentle and kind. If you need a good dentist look no further.


C Williams

a year ago-

Dr. Washington is an amazing dentist. I am very happy with my visit. He took the time to go over my treatment and answer all my questions. The entire staff was so friendly too. They are the best! So glad I went.


Kurtis Warne

3 months ago-

Best dental care!

Matt Lopez

a year ago-

The staff was extremely friendlyI was taken care of quickly and efficiently


 Rebeccah Blackman

a year ago

Excellent provider with quality, friendly staff!






   5 star  Dr Edwards and Leslie are awesome! Everyone is but a special shout out to those too! I have had to endure a lot , I believe, and they have actually made it pleasant ( if you can say that about dental work) for me.


  5 star    The front office manger and staff is very friendly and helpful. They are eager to explain costs and procedures. The dentist has a great attitude and is very considerate of the patients. Back office people are kind and really take an interest in their job. The office area is a very well kept environment. Another important thing is you don't have to win the lottery to pay the bill


   5 star    Dr. Washington is Awsome!!!! 
The staff are always pleasant and willing to care for you!!! Love this dental office


  5 star  I just want to say THANK YOU!! I called early today, had sever pain need an appointment asap, and the young lady that answer got me in for the afternoon. I had 3 extractions done but from the moment they answe the phone till i checked out , just plain wonderful. Thank you everyone.

   5 star   They are the best! I not only got my smile back but Philip got his too. It has been along time since I have heard Philip talk so much. I'm just wondering if he will every run out of words? He went about 11 years without having dental work, and we went to Lake Lanier Smiles and he had all this dental work done and the staff, Dr Washington took great care of him. They really gave him his smile back, so if you lost your smile then go on over and tell them you want your smile back.


Richard Allen Lemon Sr.  5 star  Dr. Washington and his staff are AMAZING people. Dr. Washington really knows how to ease the anxiety of his patients.


 Mellisa Barnett-Baronci  5 star   Wonderful staff.


Kal El  5 star  The staff here are very polite, knowledgable and compassionate! I had a wonderful experience with my wisdom tooth ( upper left, tooth #16! ) removal. Would like to thank the doctor and his staff for a awesome experience!!!


Jillian Morris  5 star  I can not say enough great things about this dental practice everyone is so nice and helpful. I recommend them for anyone in the area!


 Please Check our full reviews at


Sharon F

When I first came to Lake Lanier Smiles in May of 2014, I had a few loose teeth, some pain, & bleeding gums. Dr. Washington Immediately diagnosed me with periodontal disease & told me that I would definitely lose 1 tooth & possibly more if I didn’t follow a treatment plan. He then advised me to see a periodontal specialist & instructed me on what I needed to do in order to save as many of my teeth as possible. Eight months later, after seeing a periodontal specialist for a deep cleaning & then rotating between Dr. Washington & my Periodontist for maintenance treatment, along with using Super Soft Interdental Picks, daily flossing, & using Listerine mouth wash as instructed, I am happy to say that today my teeth are in great shape! Dr. Washington said that many of my deep pockets have miraculously improved. My gums haven’t bled since my treatment. And I only ended up losing 1 tooth. I still have the disease, but with periodic maintenance, it’s very manageable with no side effects. To think, I only chose Lake Lanier Smiles due to their extremely low prices compared to other dentists on the internet. Who would have thought I would be getting a nice, friendly, professional staff & quality dental care simultaneously? Some warned me to watch out. You usually get what you pay for. Well, I’m happy to say in this case, I got a lot more than I paid for & I’m all smiles




Vickey M

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful! When I called to get information concerning cost prior to my first appointment, I was given the information without hesitation and they honored the discounts even though they would expire prior to my procedures. At my first appointment I was given an itemized estimate as to the total cost of the treatment and it had absolutely no hidden surprises that were not revealed in my initial inquiry! Dr. Washington explained all procedures and has no hesitation in answering any questions. I am extremely happy that I chose this dental practice and would highly recommend it to anyone.




Richard B

I am extremely pleased with the attitude and care shown by all members of Lanier Smiles. Mercedes and Dr. Washington run a first rate very clean clinic. Upon entrance to the office you are welcomed by a friendly staff and it’s very comfortable in the waiting room while you wait. Waiting time is always brief and the receptionist immediately communicates to the staff in the back of your arrival. I must say they really are more interested in establishing a relationship, getting to know their patients and serving their needs, than in selling as many products and procedures as possible. Mercedes the office manager understand that not everyone can afford more than what is absolutely necessary. I made the decision to have four crowns put on my upper front teeth. Dr. Washington explained the procedure (which involves several hours in the chair. He assured me that he would make it as "painless" as possible - and he did! He is very considerate of your needs, allowing me to change channels, water break and providing adequate local anesthetics. The results were amazing and I could not be more pleased! Dr. Washington is kind, doesn’t rush and most of all - highly skilled! I am glad that I found Lake Lanier Smiles and plan to continue using them for my dental needs Overall, I would definitely recommend Lake Lanier Smiles




Meliza D

Prior to going to Lake Lanier Smiles, I have been going to another dentist group that charges an arm and a leg for every service. They have a big network and I guess I was paying for that. I still paid a lot even after having a decent insurance. It was night and day when I switched to Lake Lanier Smiles. They treated me like family and all their services were affordable. I was happy that I made the switch. The only thing I regret was that I should have done it sooner.



Jessica G

They were so kind and helpful trying to find us discounts and seeing us right away. Thank you!



Tyrell L

I do not have insurance right now. I had a tooth that was aching so bad. I googled dentists in the area for affordability and they came up. They saw me right away and offered me coupons and discounts. They were very kind and took great care of me, very professional too. Very impressed and now my family is switching over to their office.




Erin N

This place is great! Even from the first time I called to set up an appointment, everyone (especially Mercedes) was thorough and listened to everything I had to say. They caught something three previous places missed along with treating me for what I was originally coming in there for. The office staff and Dr. Washington listened to me, my concerns, all while keeping it within my budget. They didn't treat me any different because I didn't have insurance either which made me feel a lot better and was more than willing to work with me! I would definitely recommend them!



Anabel J

Best dental experience I ever had! I would recomend this Dentist and Staff above all others I have tried. I have a dentist that I do not fear!!








Sherri J

I will certainly return, as staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great care was given and procedure went great. Great care at a very reasonable price.




Michelle G

The people here are so amazing! The doctor is so patient, caring and truly concerned about you. They worked with me knowing I needed work done but financially was having trouble. They treated me like family not like a first time patient. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.



Mellisa B

Wonderful dentistry ☺ the ENTIRE STAFF are so friendly and welcoming! !! Highly recommend lake lanier smiles! !!!



Kristen R

It was my 17 year olds first time in office. She needed a root canal. She loved the dentist and staff. She said they explained EVERYTHING in full detail and did not leave her to wonder about her visit. Made sure she was numb enough and feeling no pain. She actually loved the visit and looks forward to finishing her dental needs with them. The prices were very good and the office is great. Can't say enough about how good it feels to know your child is being taken care of. Thanks Lake Lanier Smiles. :) You have just gotten five customers for life.



Courtney S

I had the best experience with lanier smiles. After my procedure I felt no pain afterwards. lanier smiles is the best. They made me comfortable and happy to be out of the pain I was in. Thank you lanier smiles. You always have my business.



Beverly C

I have been a client of Lake Lanier Smiles for some time now. On 8/25/14 I had the new one hour whitening procedure done. It actually takes a little longer than an hour including the prep, but WOW! My teeth were lifted EIGHT shades brighter! They look incredible. As always the staff was extremely capable and friendly. I love this dental practice!



Greer P

I can not say enough good things about my experience with Lanier Smiles! The whole staff was extremely friendly and Dr. Washington was very knowledgable. Their prices were also very affordable and they were able to get me in almost immediatly. I will defeniatly be back.



Shirley M

I had the best dental experience ever at Lake Lanier Smiles......from the friendly, welcoming staff to the gentle, professional treatment of Dr. Washington! I loved that Dr. Washington explained everything he was doing as he was working on my teeth and especially loved that he didn't try talking me into "unnecessary" procedures that I didn't really need. I HIGHLY recommend Lake Lanier Smiles!!! There needs to be many more stars to rate my experience there! **********



Leigh B

I had called over twenty dentist to get my crown replaced. I finally found a dentist office that was upfront about pricing and made me feel comfortable coming into the office. At Lake Lanier Smiles, the staff is professional and friendly and I felt at ease. Dr. Washington knew what he was doing and even gave me a solution to work within my budget. I will be sending all my friends and family.



Ray A

Always look foward to going to the dentist now.



Lori P

fantastic-Dr washington is very patient and kind-I highly recommend this practice.



Wanda B

My experience was very pleasurable. The staff is so helpful. I am always greeted with a smile. My wait is never long. My visit was for a cleaning and during the cleaning, I was made to feel so comfortable, and was asked if all was going well. I felt so relaxed even given the purpose of my visit. I would highly recommend this office to any of my friends






Robert S

The staff is very professional. The hygienist is great, I did not feel like my teeth were being pulled while being cleaned like i have with previous dental offices. Dr Washington was great as well, very professional and caring. I highly recommend this Practice to anyone. I had a bad experience with another Dental office where the Dentist drilled through my tooth into my gum and nerves. I do not have that fear coming to this office and will be returning there to have some more work done very soon! Thank You for helping me overcome my fear of the chair Lake Lanier Smiles.



Terry R

People are always nice and professional. Dr Washington is very competent and helpful.



Beverly C

I absolutely love this dental practice, and I have had a phobic fear of dental procedures my entire life!, ( terrible experience as a child). The waiting lobby is inviting, spacious, very clean, calming and well appointed, as are all of the treatment rooms. Also, EVERY member of the staff is extremely personable, knowledgeable, and thorough, they know their stuff! Lastly, Dr. Washington is a wonderfully competent and confident dentist. He has an excellent chair-side manner. He thoroughly explains each procedure. And, he is also has a gentle touch,and is very respectful of my mouth. In short, I highly recommend Lake Lanier Smiles!








David B

I love the compassion and quality of care you guys give. However the last visit I had my regular cleaning and went to check out only to find out that there was a additional charge. I Fully expected to pay for the Nitrous but the additional charge I was never told of prior to check out..thanks


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